BaynoteONE CXP
Bringing it all together is only the beginning.

To drive a seamless experience for customers, you need smart, real-time experience data. The Baynote Customer Experience Profile (CXP) is a real-time source for customer experience data collected across sessions, devices and touchpoints. The CXP is more than just a real-time data store – Baynote’s patented machine learning engine refines the data to uncover customer preferences and turns the data into actionable outputs that you can use to create a relevant, personal experience for your customers however they choose to interact.

Across Sessions

As customers engage with your website or applications, you need to engage them with relevant, personal experiences. The BaynoteONE CXP captures browsing and purchase history and preferences which are used to allow customers to “pick up where they left off” or to highlight content, promotions, or products which are most likely to be of interest to them.

Across Devices

As customers engage using desktops, phones and tablets, the BaynoteONE CXP captures and synchronizes their data across devices. This singular customer experience profile allows for seamless, personal experiences across all of their devices.

Across Touchpoints

BaynoteONE observes real-time, online information and connects it with offline sources, like in-store purchases or CRM data. This complete picture of the customer experience allows for seamless personalization across your touchpoints, includes sites, apps, stores and call centers.

The Baynote CXP – Speeds and Feeds

The BaynoteONE Customer Experience Profile collects data across devices and merges online and offline data to create a seamless profile of each of your customers. Bringing data together is simple with real-time data collection and powerful data integration tools to ingest and refine data from offline sources like CRM and order management systems.


Building a Customer Experience Profile Across Devices

BaynoteONE builds a seamless Customer Experience Profile of each customer across devices by connecting sessions and devices using a set of common identifiers. Baynote creates a unique identifier for each customer on each device. These unique identifiers are connected together using a global customer identifier like an email address or a global customer ID.


BaynoteONE Machine Learning & Data Science

Even the best data won’t move the needle unless you put it to work. Using a unique machine learning engine and patented algorithms, BaynoteONE determines what content, offers or products your customers are most likely to be interested in in-the-moment. This real-time information is used to shape the experiences of your customers to increase conversions, average order value and to increase loyalty.