Metrics Therapy for Merchants

On Demand Webcast for eCommerce Executives
With exclusive insights from the e-tailing group

How do your industry peers use metrics to drive bottom-line performance? Lauren Freedman, president of the e-tailing group, recently conducted in-depth interviews with 20 top retailers to find the answers. In this webcast, she’ll share insights from this exclusive Baynote-sponsored research along with highlights from the e-tailing group’s 2012 Annual Merchant Survey. Prepare to take notes – the doctor is in.

What You’ll Learn:

• What merchants are measuring and why
• Conversion and AOV dynamics
• Conversion influencers from assortment to testing
• KPI trending and adoption
• Mobile performance tracking and social engagement measurement
• Cross-channel influences for gaining a holistic view of the customer

Plus: As a supplement to this webcast, download a free copy of the e-tailing group’s new white paper, Metrics Therapy – Details, Dashboards, and Diligence, available exclusively from Baynote.