BaynoteONE VUE

Online Merchandising 2.0

BaynoteONE VUE provides the tools that online marketers and merchandisers need to turn domain knowledge and into personalization strategies across website pages, in mobile applications and in email.


  • Best practice personalization strategies – VUE includes out-of-the box personalization strategies and advanced strategy options to create effective cross-sells and up-sells, show recently viewed items and more. Many strategies are automatically personalized for customers with purchase history, known attributes, segments or inferred preferences.
  • Complete the look – VUE includes options to create outfits or bundles of items that go together allowing the merchandiser to use their domain expertize to match items or highlight items from the current catalog.
  • Pinning & Blacklists – VUE allows Merchants to pin particular items to other items or categories or completely remove items from being shown.
  • Real-time preview – To ensure that personalization fits with merchant expectations, VUE provides real-time preview to see exactly what items will be displayed in a particular situation based on item context, search terms or customer attributes.