BaynoteONE VUE

Metrics & Reporting

BaynoteONE VUE includes the reporting that merchants, marketers and executives need to understand performance and optimize results. BaynoteONE collects information across websites, apps and email and displays that information in easy to use dashboards, through custom reports and makes the data available through an open reporting API so you can easily move performance data to dashboarding and business intelligence systems.


VUE’s reporting features include:

  • Key Performance Metrics – From visits to impressions and revenue, Baynote provides key metrics to understand how personalization is impacting your experience.
  • Performance Dashboards – Out of the box dashboards highlight performance by category, module, and item for sites and email.
  • Custom reporting – When you need custom date ranges or trending data, Baynote VUE provides a simple to use custom reporting tool to get the data you need. Simply select the date range and pull the data into desktop analytics tools like Microsoft Excel and Tableau.
  • Reporting data API – The person who most needs to see performance data is often not the user of a personalization system. Putting personalization performance data where executives can see it as part of their dashboards is critical to success.