BaynoteONE VUE

Enabling personalized online marketing and merchandising

BaynoteONE VUE is a modern, self-service web application designed to put data-driven merchandizing directly into the hands of online merchants and marketers.  VUE includes guided, best practice driven tasks, built-in A/B testing, simple yet powerful KPI reporting and intuitive merchandising controls. VUE enables online merchants and marketers to drive merchandising and personalization strategies for websites, apps and email that respond to market conditions, catalog and content changes and trends while easily sharing performance metrics company wide.

Online Merchandising 2.0

BaynoteONE VUE provides the tools that online marketers and merchandisers need to turn domain knowledge and into personalization strategies across website pages, in mobile applications and in email.

A/B Testing

BaynoteONE VUE includes self-service A/B testing designed for online merchandisers and marketers to drive data-driven decisions. With Baynote VUE A/B testing, online marketers don’t need help from specialized testing teams to test different personalization strategies on a page and understand the results. Figuring out which approach is better and how you can generate more revenue for your business has never been easier.

Metrics & Reporting

BaynoteONE VUE includes the reporting that merchants, marketers and executives need to understand performance and optimize results. BaynoteONE collects information across websites, apps and email and displays that information in easy to use dashboards, through custom reports and makes the data available through an open reporting API so you can easily move performance data to dashboarding and business intelligence systems.