Introducing Baynote VUE

Baynote VUE is a simple, self-service web application that puts automated merchandizing directly into your hands.  Baynote VUE includes guided, best practice driven tasks, simple yet powerful KPI reporting and intuitive merchandising controls. VUE enables online merchandisers to respond quickly to catalog changes, market conditions and trends while easily sharing ROI and performance metrics company-wide.


Baynote VUE

  • A self-service web application custom built for online merchandisers
  • Direct-to-website automation
  • Big data for personalization made easy
  • Supports team collaboration
  • Your business at-a-glance
  • Enables fast, efficient site-wide merchandising
  • Preview how recommendations look on your web page before deployment
  • Automatically optimize for engagement or revenue: VUE does the work for you
  • Enables more merchandisers to participate and collaborate on best practices
  • Stay informed of what’s working and what’s not

Baynote VUE A/B Testing

Baynote VUE includes self-service A/B testing designed for online merchandisers and marketers. With Baynote VUE A/B testing, online marketers don’t need help from specialized testing teams to test different personalization strategies on a page and understand the results. Figuring out which approach is better and how you can generate more revenue for your business has never been easier.

  • Self-service A/B/C/D testing built for online merchandisers and marketers
  • Built-in best practice strategies like substitutes, cross-sell or upsell
  • Real-time preview to visualize test variants
  • Integrated reporting for test progress and completed tests
  • Simple notification and promotion of winning results
  • Enables merchandisers to make data-driven decisions
  • No waiting for busy testing teams or testing vendors to start or complete tests
  • Testing provided at no additional cost to VUE customers
  • Quick visualization of test variants before deployment with real-time preview
  • Simple reporting on test progress and results that business users can understand

Baynote VUE Reporting

  • Dashboard metrics ribbon
  • 24 X 7 access
  • Simple reporting the way you want to see it
  • Custom reporting
  • Open APIs
  • Instant visibility to personalization KPIs
  • Quickly assess performance across widgets, product and category pages
  • Easily track and analyze engagement, CTR, revenue, conversion metrics and more
  • Reports that meet your needs by time frame and metric
  • Import Baynote data into your own BI or analytics tool via secure API

Baynote VUE Merchandising Automation

  • Define and select global KPI strategies
  • Multiple recommendation sets per page
  • Outfitting & bundling
  • Pins list & scheduling
  • Real-time preview
  • Simply select goals like clicks or engagement to drive performance site-wide
  • Optimize vertical and horizontal recommendations sets for greater engagement and conversion
  • Synchronize item bundles across touch points to drive revenue and improve customer experience
  • See all site-wide pins at once for a global view of your strategies while scheduling future pins easily
  • Immediately see where and how your rules, pins and filters are affecting recommendations