Personalize Your Customer's Experience with Also Bought Data

While every customer is an individual and deserves an individualized shopping experience, people are often influenced by the decisions of others. It is a matter of human nature that when another person owns something, others are likely to want to own it, too. With this in mind, as each shopper browses and adds items to their cart, Baynote observes their actions and suggests complimentary products. When one shopper learns that another shopper also bought a specific item, they are more likely to buy that item for themselves as well.

Also Bought Suggestions Increase Sales

In a traditional brick and mortar retail store, skilled employees observe the shopping habits of their customers, remembering what shoppers previously purchased and suggesting items relevant to their customer. However, an employee has a very limited number of points to interact with their customers and can only speak to one person at a time. By analyzing also bought data, Baynote allows you have the same sort of interactions, but with thousands of shoppers simultaneously. The points of interaction increase dramatically as well, allowing you to create personalization zones on landing pages, search results pages, category pages, cart pages and confirmation emails.