travel-mobile-apps1Mobile devices are having a huge impact in travel, but how. In the September Travel Flash Report put out by Criteo there are some great stats and insights. It’s a quick read that I recommend. Here are my key takeaways.

Mobile is driving growth. “Overall there was a 20% increase in bookings from mobile devices, compared to just 2% growth in desktop bookings.” My take – Travel brands that understand how to drive engagement on mobile will get the lion’s share of the benefit. This extends from sites to apps and email.

Engaging visitors pays off.In-app sales, which add up to a significant share of incremental bookings made on mobile devices – about 12% of mobile conversions in June.” My take – Don’t forget that engaged consumers can be enticed into new cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Leverage traveler information to deliver relevant offers for add-ons that make money.

Experience drives device selection. “Larger screen devices are used more often for complex purchases like packages which can require multi-tab browsing.” Not surprisingly when the booking gets tough the tough use tablets and desktops not smartphones. My take – Tablets are basically couch-based desktops. I have a removable keyboard for my tablet and I treat it just like a computer. Look at your device usage before you spend a lot of money on a smartphone app where none is needed.

Mobile is mobile. “…the value of last-minute bookings and their price patterns also have a significant influence on average booking values…” Last minute air tickets and car rentals were more valuable while hotel bookings were less so. My take –It’s not about the value of the bookings; it is about getting the traveler to book with you. Focus on having the best experience across devices and touchpoints. As long as pricing algorithms take into account the timely value of assets, then making those assets available at the right price on any device is always a good idea.