worldcup-blod-300x187The best thing about World Cup mania is that it involves – well, the world. While only 32 teams compete in the tournament, many more work hard to get there but never make it. It’s super competitive at the top of this pyramid. eCommerce is no different. Today it is a global phenomenon that is getting more competitive each quarter as retailers jockey for brand awareness, growth, market share and consumer loyalty.

The World Cup tournament has been played 19 times since 1930, so it has had way more time to develop than eCommerce, which has only been around for about 15 years. If anything, that makes the rate of change and evolution in eCommerce faster moving and more compressed. Like World Cup, while it may appear that we have a regulated, straightforward game, we know that it is anything but.

The eTailing group, based in Chicago has been surveying merchants for 14 years to understand where they are investing, what tactics deliver the most ROI for them, and how they perceive the shifting wants and needs of the shopper. The survey reveals the changing strategies and tactics used by retailers as they compete against giants like Amazon and Wal-Mart. If you looked at this survey 5 years ago, few retailers were investing in mobile and social. Email was the breakout strategy and big data was nowhere on the horizon. Neither were infographics. We hope you enjoy our graphical rendition of the eTailing group’s 14th Annual Merchant Survey.