nordstromWhen asking most people about Nordstrom, you’ll find a similar reaction. Though pricier than other retailers, Nordstrom actively and continuously demonstrates their appreciation for their customers. If you need to return something, it’s not a problem. Over 30 days old? Sure, they’ll take it back. No questions asked. Need something hemmed? It’s in house. Just spent 10.00 on earrings? They will still walk around the counter to hand over your purchase with a smile. There are consistencies and processes in their committed efforts around customers. It has been a century old tradition at the company that consistency and word of mouth have carried far.

Not only does the company invest a ton of resources in training their associates to provide the utmost customer care, but Nordstrom also makes extremely large investments in their retail and online efforts. In this article from, Nordstrom was featured as a digital innovator, acquiring flash sale sites Hautelook and social enablers like Wanelo to build their presence online.

Nordstrom has committed to an expensive $3.9 billion dollar plan through 2018 of which $1.8 billion is earmarked for investment in technology. Yet, even with their obvious focus on technology in the next 4 years, Nordstrom still factors in the customer experience, saving 20% of their overall budget to dedicate toward store service and experience.

As the digital landscape continues to change, it is clear that the requirement for customer experience and digital improvement is real. Smart retailers will learn from the pros like Nordstrom, even if your wallet can’t support their level of investment (not many can), you are sure to benefit from the best practices and techniques that they bring to the main stream.