rally blog imgNordstrom. REI. Trader Joes. Pottery Barn.

What do all of these brands have in common? A strong presence with content. Yes, content. They spend large marketing dollars on community newsletters and catalogs (which we know from our holiday survey are still widely distributed and enjoyed by consumers). They understand the value of a relationship and giving back to the customer; whether it’s stickers for your kids in line, exclusive member-only sales, free tailoring or your annual dividend money or “member refund” back each year.

Recently, I received a new catalog from a company I don’t shop with very frequently, Reebok, called “Rally.”  I’ve always been more of a Nike girl myself. But I have to admit, this catalog was impressive. Very similar to a magazine, there is a message from the editor, a table of contents, lots of great visuals and even more interesting was special blog features of everyday women and their pursuits in fitness. Of course there are also clothes from Reebok (which are quite cute). The message from the editor reinforces Reebok’s commitment to the customer. “Life gets better when ambition hits its target. We’re with you as you surpass it.”Image of clothes

Retail Markets Go Healthy

Women’s athletic wear is definitely a hot market. With brands like Gap’s Athleta, LuLuLemon, Nike, Reebok and most recently Under Armour, the competition is high. Yet, I somehow feel a stronger connection to Reebok now, solely based on their appropriate marketing – and not to mention their realistic prices. They know my demographic and have marketed to me based on that. It’s personalized content done well. And I like it. (And I’ve already started telling people about it.)