nest alarm cartoonAlgorithmic trading in the stock market moves millions of shares by breaking up the big buy/sell orders into a series of smaller ones. Yet, on the flip side, algorithmic trading is also used to sew smaller orders together to make bigger moves all at once. Kevin Slavin mentioned this in his 2011 Ted Talk. In that lecture, he also compared a variety of visuals including nature and people to day-to-day algorithms. Though the talk was a few years back, it is relevant to discussions taking place today around how the math and science behind big data algorithms are delivering insight and competitive advantage to many large corporations.

Data Based Decisions

Simply put, data helps companies (and people), make decisions. How many people clicked on the green button vs. the red button? 65% more clicked on green? Ok then, we’ll go with green! Data allows individuals to make decisions on smaller things like buttons on their website as well as large concerns such as the right market to enter, how to price a product, who to hire or what benefit plan is most cost effective. As technology has advanced, privacy concerns on the Internet have become less of a factor than they once were. At the same time, the availability of information specifically about individuals – people, has skyrocketed; making everything we do, buy and own so much more transparent and available than it ever was before. In this cartoon by Tom Fishburne, he highlights the humor of big data through one of the biggest big-data users, Google.

nest alarm cartoon