global ecomIt’s earnings season soon – the time of year when retailers report on the full effects of the holiday season past and how they survived the first quarter. Look at the most recent SORO report from and it is clear that retailers of all sizes and stages of eCommerce maturity are experiencing strong growth rates. Many would say that in 2013, that growth was fueled by the rise of mobile shopping.

As mobile shopping matures, savvy retailers are already looking for the next breakout advantage and it appears to be the global marketplace.

global ecom

Amazon dominates and provides services in over 190 countries around the world, now its time for the next tier to follow suit. China’s largest eCommerce and technology provider, Alibaba, is expanding to the US market soon, and has plans to go public – in the US stock market, not in China. Their wholly owned payment system Alipay (like PayPal) allows merchants outside of China to accept payments in Chinese currency if marketers go through their exchange, a boon for US retailers looking to tap into the largest eCommerce market on the planet.  Other eCommerce titans like the Otto Group in Germany and YooX in Italy are providing storefront services that enable hundreds of brands to spread their reach outside of their home country. It is in fact a small world these days, but where e-commerce is concerned it’s getting bigger.