cmo marketoonCMO’s have it rough. First, they are expensive. Second, the good ones are challenging to find and hard to keep. By now we all know that the web changes everything, but nowhere is this more prevalent than in the office of the CMO. Gone are the days that the IT team owned the website and sales owned selling. In the last five years, the role of the CMO has changed dramatically as the front end sales process has moved to the web and the back end technology infrastructure has moved closer to marketing.  According to Sirius Decisions, “67 percent of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally [and their] research shows that online searches are executives’ first course of action.”

From the website to SEO, paid search, email, promotions, re-targeting and even customer support, marketing now owns most (if not all of it). If you’ve heard an ad on Pandora, or seen an ad for a dress follow you over to your Facebook feed — that is the work of an online marketer.

CMO Turnover

So, why are the CMO’s turning over so quickly? The expectations for the role are high, and the pace of change in recent years has been lightening quick.  Many in the field have been caught in the cross hairs of this evolution, and some, like the CMOs in this Tom Fishburne cartoon have not able to survive the change.  We are sure you will find something that you can relate to (or chuckle knowingly about) in Tom’s recent Marketoon “CMO of the Month.”

cmo marketoon