bigdata marketoonLike the buzz that started with SO-LO-MO, companies know that big data is important. And like SO-LO-MO, they don’t really know where to get started or how to get the biggest bang out of this big-data-buck. Companies all over the Silicon Valley are growing tired of the “big data” buzz. As they should, the term was first coined in 1998 (according to the WSJ) so it’s actually about 15 years old. The main issue is that most companies simply don’t know where to start.

If you read Quora, you know that conversations on big data are going on regularly, with deep dives like this very interesting video clip called The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data. One Quora reader commented that “using big data is actually a competitive advantage because the more data that you have, the more interesting correlations you may find than if you were working with a smaller data set.” But keep in mind that it’s the machine learning or algorithms that you apply to the data that delivers the correlations.

Algorithms Use Big Data

Personalization solutions like ours collect data and apply algorithms that deliver relevant user experiences. The machine learning gathers crowd behavior data, assesses correlations and then provides the insight needed to effectively give users the relevant experiences that they want. This makes a really positive impact on the brand experience offered by our Baynote clients. In the end, we make something hard, appear very simple to the shopper.

bigdata marketoonIn this recent cartoon by Tom Fishburne, he pokes fun at the big data problem a lot of companies are having.

Are you currently working on a big data project? And if so, how are you tackling the task?