bill face - blog postThese are exciting times in ecommerce and at Baynote! Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Baynote VUE; a new, self-service web application, specifically designed for eCommerce merchandisers.

By partnering with our customers, Baynote has proven that using a team approach to personalizing the customer experience (our science plus your expertise) can drive even higher revenues than an automated approach alone. Until now, the broader personalization sector has fallen short by delivering complex, big data solutions for retail without also delivering the visibility, usability and accessibility that business owners, not techies, need. Baynote VUE changes all of that with a unique consumer-driven design built expressly for people like you. VUE enables you to express your expertise about your market and your customers allowing you to meet your corporate revenue goals with confidence.

VUE: A New Kind of eCommerce Merchandiser

Baynote VUE changes the rules of the game by directly empowering you – the marketer – to be more agile, efficient and impactful than ever before.  In addition to a really simple and elegantly crafted user interface, VUE includes work flows that are designed by and for retail ecommerce teams enabling you to publish results in real-time, eliminating the IT bottleneck.  With the rate of growth and competition in ecommerce today, your ability to respond quickly is a crucial differentiator as we all drive to deliver the best shopper experience possible.

To make sure that VUE hit the mark with merchandisers, we worked directly with retailers to gather feedback on product design, functionality and reporting needs. The team at Baynote is grateful to the customers and partners who dedicated their time to see VUE and provide us with valuable insight. We can’t wait to change the world of ecommerce with you in 2014.

We have lots of other content on that details the features and benefits of VUE.