Baynote_HolidayShopperStory_200x200_bEach year with digital improvements, we see changes in the behavior of shoppers both online and offline. And each year, I hear from more people that they prefer shopping online. Well in our 4th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey, Baynote found some interesting things about both the online and offline shopper.

Ratings and Reviews influence everywhere the shopper is (or isn’t)

For example, 48% of shoppers said that online ratings and reviews always or frequently influence what they buy – a whopping 45% increase from 2012. Not only did online ratings and reviews influence shoppers who were buying online, but 37% of shoppers said that online ratings and reviews influenced their in-store purchase always or frequently; a 12% increase from 2012.

In-store and Mobile

A few years ago, shoppers may have used a mobile device to call a friend and get a recommendation for a product. They may have also have used one to call another store and see if that store had the product in stock.  But that was before smartphones had the ability to shop, research and transact purchases on mobile-optimized sites. Today, shoppers use mobile phones to easily look at product ratings while in store. And they are definitely taking advantage. Our survey found that 52% of shoppers frequently used their mobile devices to find product ratings while in the store, an increase of 24% from 2012.

Think about it.  In 12 months, almost 25% more shoppers are using their phones to research products in a physical store.  What does that mean for retailers? It certainly creates a requirement for a seamless experience.  Wherever you shopper may be, retailers must help them find the product information they need quickly and easily.