HolidayShopperStory_thumbnailIn 2024, one of those chat box representatives will visually jump off of your screen and ask you what you need help with on their website. This virtual, three dimensional rep will know all of your shopping history, sizes, interests and payment details and be able to get you what you need within the same day, possibly the same hour. But that’s not until 2024… just kidding. Yet, it’s not too shocking to think of, is it? Especially given the level of sophistication available for online shopping today.

Retail companies are now focused on building community, loyalty and positive shopping experiences for their shoppers. And as more companies improve their shopping experiences from the home page to the cart page to the post-sale follow up email (hopefully with recommendations!), it will drive the expectancy across the board, well, web.

Shopper Experiences Survey

The tablet is a perfect example of the trend toward a jump-off-the-screen experience.  Bigger, cleaner, higher res images and videos allow for a more interactive experience and the touch screen tablet makes browsing and readability far easier than clicking around on a laptop. We know this is true because according to our 4th Annual Holiday Shopping Survey, 68% of shoppers said viewing products on web pages that include complete copy, strong imagery, photography and user-generated content is “very” or “extremely important.”  Of those surveyed, 76% of respondents used a tablet (at least two times over the past few months) and 63% used a smartphone to research stores and products prior to visiting a store.

Selecting the Right Medium for Your Search

So, before 2024 (and the 3D pop up agent), it’s important to help shoppers find what they need on your site. Search is still a very relevant and effective way to engage shoppers and help them find products on site. In fact, a whopping 74% of shoppers say finding what they want on a retailers’ site by using onsite search is “very” or “extremely important.”