vk-baynoteEngagements are normally a good thing, but when we hired Vishali as our new Engagement Manager, it was a great thing! With a wide variety of experience and talents, Vishali stays on track through her experience in project management and is also able to routinely exercise her friendly, customer facing attitude. It’s a win-win. Vishali took a moment to tell us more about her background and why she chose Baynote.

What is your name?  Vishali Korrapolu

What is your current title? Engagement Manager

Tell us a little about your education and professional background.   

I have a degree in Economics and Computers from India.  Recently, I became Certified PMP. My professional career started as a developer using Microsoft ASP technologies working on internal portal websites.  The eCommerce side of the websites caught my interest, and I moved on to Java technologies.  I held various roles in the past such as – Sr. Software Engineer, Sales and Solution Engineer, Consultant, Team Lead, Technical Project Manager, Project Manager.   My adventure spots prior to Baynote include Global Info Tech, Cim Tech , Multimedia Live, MarketLive and Adobe.

When you were a kid, what profession did you think you would pursue? 

My dream was to be in the Teaching Profession.  I have always admired how teachers were passionate in instilling values and great interest in creating ‘this’ civilized world with many advancements.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

“It’s easier said than done. Consider problems as opportunities.” I strongly believe in this in my day to day life and every instance. 

What attracted you to Baynote?

I have been in the eCommerce industry for a while, but I think Baynote is in the sweet spot that can attract not only E-tailers but other big verticals as well. For me personally, I think the opportunity here is of mutual benefit – I am able to continue to exercise my Project Management skills and also experience and be a valuable asset towards the success of the organization.

 So far, what are your favorite things about Baynote?

They have such a great team. Everyone is passionate about the company and knows what they are doing.  Baynote is a good find for anyone who is looking for start-up that has matured with stable internal processes.  Culture is yet another thing I love about Baynote, it plays a key role in bringing teams together and working cohesively in the organization.

What are your top three favorite web sites you visit all of the time?

Linkedin.com, Wikipedia.com, Amazon.com

Do you play an instrument or have a favorite sport?

Veena – which is an Indian string instrument. I love to watch Tennis and Cricket and play Badminton

If you could have lunch with a famous person (living or dead), who would it be and why? 

Rabindranath Tagore – First Nobel Prize winner from India for his literature in Bengali (Eastern Indian Language). He is an absolute winner for me in ‘philosophical’ school – child (or even an adult) can learn naturally with the aid of body and mind using all senses in a natural environment.   I would ask for the inspiration behind his work and I would love to learn and see how natural learning environments can be extended for today’s academical and professional worlds.