cindy-lou-who-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas-8141728-300-225Shopping during the holidays can be nice. It’s crisp, it’s busy, Christmas music plays over the loud speakers and there are giant sparkly trees everywhere with big red bows and ornaments. Some people love shopping at retail stores during the holidays, namely a friend of mine, whom I jokingly refer to as Cindy Lou from the Grinch Stole Christmas.  She loves it. Whereas, another friend tells me yesterday as we discuss our holiday to-dos, “I’ve actually done a lot of shopping online this year, which has been different.”

Besides the gifts I’ll be physically making, I’ll be buying presents online this year, which I had better do soon if I want them to arrive in time! Without leaving my couch, I can see what other people are buying and what they found complimentary to those items. Yet, especially during the holidays when time is so limited, I want to see what options are suggested for me.

Onsite Search is my Time Saver

scarve shoppingSo I went online to look at scarves for my family and searched using J.Crew’s onsite search for scarves. This is how I shop on pretty much any site. I depend on search instead of navigating the entire website. (#timesaver).

And then after clicking on the pink plaid scarf, was offered another very cute scarf, which I actually think I like better than the first one I had clicked on. Did I forget to mention I, um, I mean, my family member, could use a new pea coat?

Yes, people shop online more and more, but that’s not what’s interesting to me. I think that the WAY they shop has drastically changed. People expect retailers (and businesses in general) to understand the kinds of products they are interested in, the price point they are looking for, and to remember who they are when they return again.

customers also love

In this instance, I found a scarf I love and know my family member will appreciate. And I would definitely participate in this experience on again.