black-friday-crowded-targetYou’ve seen it. Halloween costumes are on the same aisle as back to school supplies and Valentine’s Day candy is next to the half off Christmas decor. As the years go by, retail stores continue to offer holiday merchandise sooner.  So it’s no surprise that a leading retailer like Walmart would move up one of their largest grossing shopping days – Black Friday.

No Holiday for Employees of Walmart?

This year Walmart will offer their employees a Thanksgiving dinner at work and they will also plan to pay them “holiday pay” (and a few shopping discounts). Sales promotions will be available at various times and shoppers will be given a wristband with the option to shop the store while they wait for the sale to begin. Last year the retailer opened its Black Friday sales at 8:00 pm, and this year has bumped it two hours forward to 6:00 pm when many of us are still eating turkey.

Retailer Kmart will be open the entire day of Thanksgiving while other retailers will continue to start their sales later in the evening at 8:00 pm.

I Mean, Who Needs to Eat Turkey…really?

Walmart’s plan includes sales promotions on Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung TVs and headphones as well as $100.00 promotional Walmart gift cards. Laptops will be on sale at $300.00 less than their normal price and even better deals will be offered for TVs.  With deals like these, why stay at the Thanksgiving table?

While online deals will also be offered, none are as impressive as the in store deals. I’m personally not a fan of crowds, so I’ll pass on fighting the masses. Yet for the budget-savvy and ruthless shopper (maybe also vegetarians), you may decide to take advantage of the incredible deals Walmart plans to offer this coming “Black Thursday.”