pop - 1112013A man of many talents, Dragomir Popovic is an exciting new addition to the Baynote engineering team.  After many years of meeting a variety of engineering challenges, both hardware and software, “Pop” joins the Baynote team to go the distance and develop our platform technologies.

What is your name?

Dragomir Popovic (but I go by Pop)

What is your current title?

Senior Software Engineer

Tell us a little about your education and professional background. 

I got my BSEE degree from Belgrade University (ex Yugoslavia). MSCE (that’s MS in Computer Engineering) from Santa Clara University. I have a quite diverse work experience: from device characterization (mathematical modeling of transistor) to designing/implementing a set of graphical widgets in XWindows to writing a database application for school administrators to a e-mail client for Sun Microsystems (used through the world on their Sun Workstations) to control software used in antisubmarine warfare to NASA aircraft simulation software.

When you were a kid, what profession did you think you would pursue?

A baker, a pilot, …

What is your motto or personal mantra?

“Dum spiro spero” (Latin for “While I breathe, I hope”)

What attracted you to Baynote?

Opportunity to learn new things and contribute to the common cause, i.e., improved customer satisfaction (that would, hopefully, lead to some nice IPO).

So far, what are your favorite things about Baynote?

Nice team, company culture.

What are your top three favorite web sites you visit all of the time?

Google is the top one, but there are bunch of them that I visit quite often.

Do you play an instrument or have a favorite sport?

I don’t play an instrument (as a kid I started playing accordion but then my father died and I stopped). My favorite sport is track. I used to be an avid/competitive mid/long distance runner.