CEO kate spade chatsFashion Digital is a fairly new event for retailers.  The events are held in LA and NY and these trendy conferences attract marketers, ecommerce managers and merchandising professionals. At the NY Fashion Digital event held on October 9, we heard from Kate Spade’s CEO Craig Leavitt.

Kate Spade: a Lifestyle Brand

The Kate Spade brand, was founded in 1993 and has focused on providing a lifestyle since the very beginning. The brand, originally known for Kate Spade bags is avidly focused on providing a fully integrated and personalized experience for their shoppers.  In order to keep up with other technically savvy brands, Kate launched “Kate Spade Saturday” a digital store front. The shopper can use this store front to “digitally” shop at Kate Spade.

Staying Relevant, Weeklykate spade saturday image

The brilliant branding of Kate Spade Saturday follows those of other marketing winners like Geico’s hump day Wednesday and Rebecca Black’s song Friday. If you pick up the book Contagious by Jonah Berger you will learn more about these contagious tactics.

The Weekender Bag

Craig covered the other things Kate Spade is doing to stay relevant which includes offering customers the ability to create their own Kate Spade weekender bags.Personalized bag

How to Be Successful in Retail

When asked what other retail professionals can do to grow their personal careers, Craig replied “surround yourself with people who are better and smarter than you” and don’t be biased by age. Craig highlighted that some of his more knowledgeable staff are younger and more “hip” and technologically savvy – and it’s good to not be afraid of those people and their skillsets.

Finally, Craig answered the question – where are you spending less? “Traditional media is where Kate Spade is spending less.”