Mistrustful-MillennialSnapchat. Vine. Protube. All of these apps have something in common… the age of their users. Yet with new applications popping up daily, how do retailers take advantage of these channels? While retailers strive to stay in the feeds, minds and wallets of their teenage and under 30 buyers, keeping up with the distracted millennial can be a challenge.

Retailers must first understand how millennials really use their phones.  They should also be sure that the channel, the target audience and the brand or product are in alignment. In ComScore’s recent study, they found that mobile users purchased event tickets, apparel and accessories most frequently on smartphones while the majority of overall online sales still came from PCs and laptops.

Know the Millennial Shopper

When it comes to social applications and channels, millennials are “banner blind”.  They look right past those expensive ad buys and typically engage with a brand when they see a valuable offer. They are also more likely to react to a brand if they “like” that brand or have shopped with them before.  One way to accomplish both is through personalization in all of your interactions with millennials; their tolerance for irrelevant recommendations is very low and good personalization will drive engagement and conversion without a doubt.

Ecommerce brands should experiment within mobile-friendly-social-application channels. The success can be tracked via A/B testing, multivariate testing (MVT), profile data, tracking referrals, coupon codes and even basic Google Analytics (in addition to in-house BI tools). With testing, ecommerce companies should also do the research. By surveying shoppers after a purchase or running a survey of people within the millennial age range, retailers will learn a lot about their shopper, their habits and their preferences.

In order to be successful with millennials, retailers need to ask: “Why would a millennial care about my product?” “How and when do they shop best?” and “How can I most quickly engage them?” If they know the answers to these simple but complex questions, then they can design,  and execute the offers, personalization campaigns, the designs and the testing  required to be in the right place for millennial shopper in order to gain their loyalty and their business.