Face-off-imgIn between building and deploying great products, let it not be said that Baynote employees don’t own up to a number of other talents.  Last month, one of our younger employees asked a slightly older employee about his history running track in college. “Were you fast?” she asked. “Yeah, I was pretty quick,” he responded. “Oh ok, well you are probably slow now, since you’re old, so I could beat you.”  What exactly did she mean by old?

Trying not to lose his cool, he calmly asked if she might be willing to prove it. A moment of anticipation and tension passed. “What… now?” she replied. So he dared her to head down to the park outside of our Baynote HQ and compete in a 100-yard dash. She declined, stating she wanted time to train and get ready. A match was scheduled and agreed upon for a month in the future to settle the challenge.

Alas, the race was delayed on multiple occasions. With pride, performance and some rumored betting taking place, fellow Baynoters pushed for the “big race.”

It was determined that all winnings would go to the winner’s charity of choice. But more importantly, reputations were on the line. Two months later, the race took place.  How did it go? We’ll let the video below do the talking.



Results for Baynote

After winning the race, the winner, Richard donated his winnings to a colleague’s favorite cause, Run For India. What did we take away from the Great Race of 2013? Some of us learned to be realistic about our talents, and some of us learned to not be afraid to take risks. Some of us learned that challenges can be motivating, and some of us learned how to accept defeat.  In addition to making a donation to a good cause, challenges like the great Race are what make Baynote employees such great colleagues and keep the environment fresh, fun and exciting.