backpack-zippy“Do you have your backpack? Lunch money? Class schedule?” School started for most kids in K-8 this week and both parents and kids alike are getting back into the routine. Yet, back to school sales have already been in full swing for months and it seems like each year they start a little earlier than the year before.

Back to school isn’t a holiday (kids everywhere would agree!) but it is definitely is an event in the world of retail marketing.  It seems as if the minute kids are out of school for summer, the stores are inundated with back to school supplies. Retailers prepare for back to school in advance just as they do for holiday sales; and who knows, maybe even sooner!

In our first annual Holiday Predictions survey of over 75 retailers, we found that 1 in 3 retailers will begin their promotions for the Holiday season in October; whereas 40% will wait until November 1st to begin promotions.  Here Tom brings humor to the retail reality in his latest Misadventures in Merchandising cartoon:

You can learn more about retailer’s 2013 strategies for the holiday in our upcoming webinar with Lauren Freedman.