Rise_of_the_Apps_189x148“There’s an app for that.” Yes, there certainly is and that truth hasn’t changed much in the past couple of years. Personally, I have apps for everything from tracking my food intake to playing Jumble to even meditation apps (I highly recommend these!)

Purchasing via smart phone?

The rise of apps has certainly not gone unnoticed. According to a recent report by Flurry, between 2011 and 2012, the growth for social apps was 387%, 268% in media and entertainment apps, and a surprising 247% in shopping apps. Year over year, there was a 132% increase in overall time spent using apps. Which raises a much-debated question for retailers, are the app users downloading retail apps and show rooming on the app? Or are they actually purchasing  items via their mobile phone?

Mostly Browsing

Mobile, much like social, hasn’t shown much in terms of an ROI. Though a small percentage of sales do occur through mobile devices, the larger number of transactions are still occurring in retail stores and online via a tablet or desktop computer. Yet, with mobile applications, retailers can offer their shoppers and brand evangelists a treat. There is an opportunity here to provide a simplistic interface, a personal experience and possibly a single-click transaction.