When it comes to being in a well-lit retail store, surrounded by crisply folded shirts and bumpin’ music, it’s a wonder that every retail employee wouldn’t be actively engaged in their job.  Yet, according to a study by the Temkin Group, retail employees are actually the least engaged compared with other industries. Why does this matter? Your customers want engagement. And your retail employees are the face of your brand experience.

What percentage of retail employees are actually “engaged” with their jobs?

Retail stores that demand quality customer experience delivery from their staff also find themselves with employees who are engaged with their work (75%). Not surprisingly, this results in increased customer engagement with your store. For retail stores that put less emphasis on customer service, just under a third of employees (28%) said they were highly engaged, and 29% claimed they were disengaged with their jobs.

Not to worry though, retailers do have options. One thing to consider is that retail employees are also consumers of those brands. By holding routine check-ins with employees to assess their engagement level, offering new and harder challenges and rewarding excellent customer service with perks, retailers can improve the engagement level of associates in their retail stores.  While training and on boarding can be costly, a disengaged employee can be costlier still and these extra efforts are well worth the time and expense.