blog-jackthreads - 06182013In addition to being ahead of the curve on social marketing, JackThreads and its parent company Thrillist, have figured out how to create a virtuous cycle of content, engagement and conversion.  When Jason Ross sold his company in 2010 to Ben Lerer and the Thrillist organization, it’s doubtful that they realized the scale of the alliance they had made – one that would vault them to over 3,000,000 subscribers. 

Ahead of the Retail Curve

Listening to Ross speak at IRCE two weeks ago, it was clear that JackThreads and the Thrillist Media Group are at the front edge of a curve that can define ecommerce success for lots of other brands.  It goes like this: First know your customer – know what they like, don’t like and when you can quite tell?  Ask them and invite them to become part of the solution.  Next, offer them content that they find meaningful – whether you prefer Thrillist or the newer Crosby Press, you can tell from the writing, the layout and the presentation of their online content that they know what their target audience is into.  In the process, they establish the trust of their communities.  A Thrillist or Crosby Press enthusiast knows that they can rely on those sources for great information, perfectly presented and easily digested.

Beyond the Relationship

Once you have a trusting relationship – you monetize.  This is where JackThreads comes in.  Its summer, so Crosby Press started a whole segment on summer music festivals – who’s playing, where, the reviews and latest beats from the artists.  At this point, it’s a slam dunk to provide fashion and accessories for the young guy who wants to fit in but stand out at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Outside Lands in San Francisco or the Governor’s Ball in NYC.  Who wants to show up at the Governor’s Ball not looking great?

But here’s the deal.  I am a middle aged woman. I am definitely not one of the guys.  Yet, my friends and I all subscribe to Thrillist. We may not be guys, but we also aren’t dead yet, and we like to keep up on what is new in food, drink, entertainment, music and fashion in San Francisco.  Oh and guess what – we all have young guys … as kids!  Guess where I’ll be shopping for their next gift?