video - recsOur good friends over at Invodo know that 57% of consumers rely on product videos to confidently complete a purchase. Video content exists as a medium for many things, but for retailers or other information providers, it helps consumers with a purchase, an experience or both.

Video recommendations are similar to product recommendations, but are more interactive and a good tactic to use on a product detail page. Zappos uses them on almost all of their product pages.  In our recent webinar, with Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester, she commented on her favorite shoe website and discussed how the site played short clips of women walking around in the shoes, so the shopper can see them in “real-time” before committing to a purchase. But videos can also be informative such as how to install an item, or best ways to use a product.

If you think about it, providing video content to your shopper is like adding another layer of trust. You provide them with more information to make a conscious decision.  How do the shoes really look on someone’s feet?  Making the purchase may be easier when one has theoretically “walked in another person’s.”  Also, when you add in video recommendations, you have taken the user to a more interactive page.

Similar, but not as scientific and intent-based are YouTube recommendations of other videos you might be interested in – like after watching the “world’s cutest frog”, you may find other people who watched the entire frog video also watched “how animals cross the road.” That way you’re still laughing, and you’re also still on YouTube. It’s a win-win.

Not only “dressed” for retail, video recommendations can offer content focused websites a cleaner, more helpful interaction with their visitor.

Learn more on Baynote’s solution: content recommendations.