Know-thy-customer-blogThe mottos of top performing teams- sports or otherwise, tend to be really simple.  For example, Nordstrom, the beloved retail powerhouse says this on their website:

“Since 1901, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with thebest possible service—and to improving it every day.”

When Jamie Nordstrom thinks about the customer experience they deliver, he knows that their ecommerce experience has to measure up and in some way deliver “the best possible service” every day.

At eTail West  Leigh Rawdon, CEO and co-founder of Tea Collection of San Francisco nailed it.  Their company creed is:

“We make great products that our customers love.”

Sountea-imgds simple right?  Not really.  They have learned by trial and error over 10 years who their customer is, what she cares most about, what she responds to and how to reach others like her through social ecommerce channels.

Tea Collection has landed on an important aspect that many business people miss:  “product” is not just the physical good delivered.  It is the buying experience, the brand essence, the styling, the quality, the customer service and the affinity of their customer community that all roll up into the one word – product.  When you get to this holistic state, you get customers who love your product and all that it encompasses.

Customer Experience

Not all retailers have a brand image as strong as Tea Collection, but all can provide an online buying experience that compliments your product and pleases your customer.  Are you clear on who your customer really is?  What they like?  What is important to them?  Once you are, you will be well positioned to deliver the type of website personalization that makes shoppers love you.