Craigslist- photoCraigslist is a well-known text-based site used to find anything from lost pets to volunteer events to roommates to even something as specific as an antique dresser. Simple in design and functionality, the newspaper ad-friendly site has been to go-to for post-tech community “ads.”

For those who have the time and leisure to browse through text ads to find what they are looking for on their desktop computer, the Craigslist site still offers a lot. Never fear, however, Craigslist is broadening its capabilities to include interactive maps of homes for sale or rent; and according to licensed development company Mokriya, now using the Craigslist data to build a very efficient mobile app. But the cool thing is that the app mimics Craigslists’ search conventions and categories so desktop users will find all of this very familiar on their smartphones.

The app’s functionality includes search enhancement, favorites, even alerts and one-click posting. Not to mention a very clean, image-friendly interface. I was so compelled by the short video clip that I’ve already downloaded it.