Shoppers continue to prefer tablets over smartphones for browsing and buying

If you think about it, owning a tablet isn’t a new concept. Tablets—in some form or another—have been around since the early 1980s, but like other inventions ahead of their time, the technology and market weren’t quite ready for it. Today, tablets are used widely for everything from reading and checking email to web browsing and shopping.

According to our Third Annual Holiday Survey, which questioned more than 1,000 shoppers, when it comes to online shopping, tablets are the chosen device with 40% of consumers using a tablet to browse compared to 28.4% using a smartphone.  Interestingly, shoppers used their tablets 15% more frequently than their smartphones for browsing, 17% more frequently for comparing prices and were 21% more likely to execute a purchase from their tablet than they were from a smartphone.

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The rapid evolution of today’s tablet demonstrates the growing market and business desire to find the ideal-sized tablet. From large tablets to small tablets and back again (See : evolution of cell phones), our survey found that consumers are increasingly turning to their larger-screened tablets to do their online browsing, price comparing and purchasing.