Back to the Future _200x200Online marketing methods such as email promotions and user reviews greatly influence both online and in-store purchases.

We all know the consumer routine by now. Shoppers find the products they want in a physical store and then use their mobile devices to compare prices, visit Amazon to read reviews and browse the Web to find coupons or other deals before finally making a purchase online. It’s called “showrooming” and it is a part of the great omni-channel wave we are all riding.

What’s interesting is how all of the various physical and online eCommerce channels are blending together. In fact, our Third Annual Holiday Survey found that now more than ever, online marketing efforts are influencing in-store purchases as well as online purchases.  Our survey found consumers are looking to online ratings and reviews, email promotions, product recommendations and search engines most frequently, regardless of whether they transacted their purchase online or in a store.Marketing_Tool_Influence_2_Influenced_By_600pxl

Given the omni-channel challenge that was so heavily hyped in 2012, it’s no surprise that multiple channels—whether it’s an online review or a product recommendation from their favorite retailer’s website—influence today’s consumers.