In Baynote’s Third Annual Survey of 1,000 shoppers, we learned that traditional channels still play an important role in the shopper journey despite all of the focus on today’s “digital” buyer experience. Retailers who offer all of the pieces to the experience (both digital and analog) will have a better chance of converting customers and closing sales.

Paper catalogs had a surprising 22% influence on shoppers online and 21% influence on shoppers in store. By comparison, email was only slightly higher with a 25% influence online and 19%, in store.  When digital devices like tablets and smartphones come into play, we found that 25% of shoppers used smartphones to research for coupons and promotions, whereas only 16% were looking for promotions on tablets.

The most influential channels were those like Google, online ratings and reviews, email and paper catalogs.  Less influential channels included social and mobile advertisements. Although digital channels may be more readily accessible, our study showed that shoppers rely on traditional catalogs and special offers to enhance their entire experience and they see value when retailers include them along the way.

Back to the Future – a Holiday Retail Story