Holiday ShoppingYesterday, in my mail box, I found a package from Amazon.  In the package was a pair of gloves: Just a pair of gloves.  No invoice.  No packing slip.  No gift note.  Nothing, except a pair of gloves.  I hadn’t ordered a pair of gloves, and no one had told me they’d sent me a pair of gloves.  So, who did the mystery gloves come from?

I went online, and found the form where you tell Amazon that you have a problem with an order – a problem of category “other” in each of the 3 places they ask you for it – and they called me, immediately, with a live person to speak with. A live person who had never seen this problem before.  All we had to go with was the information on the shipping label.  The USPS tracking number would only give her my address.  She claimed that there was nothing else she could do.  When pushed (“I work in e-commerce, the details of every package you’ve sent to us are in Amazon’s database somewhere.” “Yes, but to get to it is at least two pay grades above where I am.”) she did find someone who could interpret the jumble of letters next to the other bar code.

The package came from my sister.  The Amazon rep sent me the order number.  Now I can return the gloves 🙂

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