Holiday Shopping

I was in San Francisco for Black Friday at the Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall. Right in the middle of the mall was a huge PayPal booth. Curious I walked up to it to ask them what they were doing. My husband is a very loyal PayPal/EBay employee who will not allow any purchases through Amazon in our home. So I felt I owed it to him to find out. PayPal was promoting their in store mobile payment system. ┬áMany stores now accept PayPal – Home Depot and Abercrombie & Fitch to name a couple. All I need is my cell number and a 4-digit pin and I am good to buy anything I want in those stores. Very dangerous for a shopaholic like me.

It took me less than two minutes to sign in to my PayPal account through their iPads, add my cell number and a 4-digit pin. Just for doing this they gave me $10 in my PayPal account. They also told me that if I bought something at the participating stores on Black Friday using PayPal mobile and came back to the booth with my receipt they would give me another $10 dollars in my PayPal account regardless of what my purchase amount was.

From mobile shopping to now mobile payments – This is the future of holiday shopping!