Holiday ShoppingPicture the traditional Thanksgiving aftermath, bodies sprawled on the couch watching football, kids playing Madden 2013, Black Ops, Halo etc, Grandma is about the spill her chardonnay on the rug and all is right with the world!!!

Then at about 9 PM, out of the spare room appear three tall blond gladiators, clad in warm coats, scarfs, gloves and bags, lots of bags. As they march in unison to the front door they say the words that should never be uttered on Thanksgiving evening, “We’re going shopping!!!”  To my amazement nobody even blinks at this ridiculous statement. In my naiveté I ask “What the heck is going on, it’s Thanksgiving?” To this question I receive a barrage of statements about online versus store sales, crock pots half off, how Sally and Johnny are impossible to buy for and that they must not forget to go to that little store that server’s mulled wine all night.  I was out gunned and under prepared for the encounter. I return to football.

They stepped into the cold dark night as excited as school girls on the way to a sleepover. What happened next is the stuff of family lore. It started with mulled wine and some very civilized ornament purchases and ended apparently with security at an upscale clothing store agreeing not to press charges as long as the entire family agreed to “never darken their doors” again.

As I prepared coffee the next morning our doorbell rang, I opened the door and there stood my triumphant gladiator now looking more like a Sherpa. After unloading the packages and removing some layers of clothing we enjoyed an early morning coffee before I headed outside to hang Christmas decorations and she headed to bed, exhausted but satisfied with her night’s work.

If there is a moral to this story it is “Never questions Black Friday logic, especially when it makes your wife happy.”

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