Holiday ShoppingRecently I was with one of my best friends getting ready to go out on the town. We do our best to be presentable and as we are leaving my friend says, “Dude! Do you have different shoes to wear?” This caught me off guard because I have a lot of pride in the way I dress, but I decide to hold my tongue and hear him out. He goes into this fashion police pitch and it seems like he has done his homework.  He has intrigued me with his “What Women Want” campaign so I decide we are going to stop by Shoe Palace first because tonight I’m trying to meet the woman of my dreams. Somehow I’m convinced that new shoes are the key to my success.

We get to Shoe Palace and he starts going off about these shoes called Supra. He’s telling me about all the different styles, colors and longevity of them.  So we decide on a starter pair that will go with any outfit I’ll wear. I get up to the register and what I heard next almost gave me a heart attack, “Your total is $120.00 sir.” What?! For shoes?! Before I could respond my friend says, “Come on man, hurry up we’re late!” So, against my better judgment, I pay for the shoes and we head out. To make a long story short, it was dark in the club so no one probably even noticed my new shoes (especially the woman of my dreams).

A couple weeks later I’m talking to another buddy of mine on Facebook and I’m telling him about these really cool chick magnet shoes I got called Supra. I tell him they are really nice but I can’t believe how much they cost. He asks me how much I got them for and I tell him $120. He responds with an all caps “LOL” with 10 exclamation marks and proceeds to tell me he loves the same shoes but just got a pair on this website known as for $40 and got them in 5 days. Of course he did! Another lesson learned the hard way. I should have just worn my old ugly shoes to the dark club and bought a pair for $40 online instead of paying $120 in the store. That’s what a smart person would have done. Apparently I didn’t get the smart shopper gene.

Moral of the story is: Planning Ahead + Shopping Online = Saving Money. Such a simple concept and it only cost me $80 to learn. In closing, I’m still waiting to meet the woman of my dreams… apparently I just haven’t found the right shoes yet.