Holiday Shopping

Even when you buy a brand all the time

During the holidays it’s fun to spice up your wardrobe with something a little unique and different.   Last year my big purchase was a pair of Kate Spade shoes with green and white striped heels, reminiscent of Dr. Seuss.  This year, I decided to buy a pair of red velvet jeans which Lucky Brand very intelligently informed me were on sale via e-mail.

I was excited because I shop at Lucky Brand all the time and thought this would be an easy way to take care of my holiday party outfit.  The jeans arrived in just a few days.  I was already moving onto my next holiday task when I discovered they were so small that I couldn’t even get my pinky toe in them!.   After getting on the scale and realizing it wasn’t me, I decided it must be the fit.

I went back to the website but there wasn’t anything in the description to say they ran small and there was no other customer information such as reviews that would shed light on the fit.  Since I really wanted the jeans and didn’t want to wait for another pair to arrive, my next stop was the store.  The sales person was really helpful and knew exactly what size I needed.  “They run really small,” she said.  We discussed how reviews would be helpful but I realized the best source of information is often the sales people who work with the products and customers all day.  Wouldn’t it be great if sales people could add comments to product descriptions in real time?  This would save us all a lot of time and help us move onto the next project on our list.  In my case, that would be getting our family Christmas cards completed.

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