Product management is one of the more challenging but rewarding positions in Silicon Valley.  Baynote was looking for someone who had a lot of experience and could hit the ground running. As a cycling and running enthusiast, not to mention a strong background as a product manager, Susan knew the drill.  Happily, she sat down to tell us more about herself and why she chose Baynote.

What is your name?

Susan Eliot Briggs

What is your current title? 

Director of Product Management

Tell us a little about your education and professional background

I went to college at a small school in Los Angeles called Occidental and I majored in International Relations.  I started my career in public relations and after business school went into product management.  I have been fortunate to work for a variety of consumer Internet companies big and small including Netscape, Yahoo and most recently

When you were a kid, what profession did you think you would pursue?

As a kid I always thought I would be either an archeologist or a marine biologist.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

Your attitude is the only thing in life over which you have complete control so make the most of it and be positive.

What attracted you to Baynote?

I saw a real need at my last company for the type of personalization technology that Baynote produces.  I wanted to learn more about it and what better way than to come work for the company.

So far, what are your favorite things about Baynote?

I like the small family atmosphere and everyone has been very personable and welcoming.

What are your top three favorite web sites you visit all of the time?

Amazon – to buy things and watch TV Shows like Downtown Abbey

JCrew, Gap, Old Navy, Zappos

Linkedin – I just finished a job search.

Do you play an instrument or have a favorite sport?

Unfortunately I am not very musically talented but I do enjoy sports.  I take a pilates class every week and I enjoying running, hiking and cycling.  Periodically I join local co-ed teams for sports like soccer.

If you could have lunch with a famous person (living or dead), who would it be and why? 

Audrey Hepburn – I have always thought she had such style and I would love to get some tips.

President James Garfield – I am reading Destiny of the Republic right now and I am fascinated by him.  Did you know that he didn’t actually want to be President?  He never sought the nomination and actually voted for another candidate from the party.