A “Why You Should Smile” poster hangs outside her cube, so it’s no surprise that she greets everyone she sees with a smile. As a Solutions Engineer, Raj has a lot of experience working directly with our customers. But her people skills don’t stop there.  She just finished putting together a fantastic Baynote Halloween competition (see photos here) and is a great overall asset to the Baynote team. Learn a bit more about Raj and her day to day life at Baynote.

What’s your name and job title at Baynote?

Rajhdeep Jandir, Solutions Engineer

How long have you been here?

I have been working here since April of 2011, so a year and a half.

What does a typical day at Baynote look like for you?

Being in the Professional Services Organization (PSO), my day can vary. If there are not any highly critical issues that come up with customers, I usually am working on implementations or changes to existing customers’ implementations. They may be extending Baynote to other parts of their site or adding on a new Baynote product. Working closely with an Engagement Manager (EM), I am responsible for implementation and debugging. I also work with Engineering on any product questions I have  and request enhancements and/or changes on certain features. Working in a start-up, I love the different hats that I get to wear and the new skills that I am attaining.

Tell us how your past experience made you the right fit for Baynote:

My last job was also in Professional Services. Having been in a previous customer facing role, I understand the type of communication skills required when interacting with customers. In addition, I have the technical background that is required for my position. Interacting with different departments and customers makes my role really fun and challenging, which I love because I get to increase my knowledge.

What attracted you to wanting to tackle the e-commerce personalization opportunity?

Since many people are now going online to purchases their items, I was really curious to know what all can be done with user information that is being captured. Personalization is the next step in e-commerce and that is where Baynote comes in. With all the user data, we can better recommend products to the online users to increase the chances of a purchase.

In your opinion, what sets Baynote apart from competitors?

Baynote is a lot more flexible than our competitors. We are not dedicated to only one vertical and we can adapt easily to the different sets of data we get due to our “Wisdoms of the Crowd” technology. As a company, we make sure the customers are happy and successful.

Personalization is everywhere these days, from shopping to search. What’s a fun use of personalization in technology you’d like to see?

I would love to see the personalization we provide to the e-commerce sites trickle down to their brick-and-mortar stores.

It’s Saturday. Where can we find you?

My weekends are usually packed. I am either attending a wedding, birthday party, or get together: And these days I am prepping for my own wedding. 🙂