marti foundation pic (3)Last month, London held its annual Fashion Week.  While many in Silicon Valley may have let this pass without notice, a few details on Mashable caught my eye.  As you know, Baynote personalizes all kinds of content recommendations as well as product recommendations on anyone’s site.  So, when I read a quote from Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey that Burberry is “now as much a media-content company as [it is] a design company because it’s all part of the overall experience”- it was exciting.  As they integrate more video and photographic footage of their products and fashion events on their site, their customers get a better look into what’s happening at Burberry now, and stay closer to that brand.

Let’s say I am in the market for a new trench by Burberry (typically out of my price range, but hang with me for just a minute).  If I am going to spend upwards of $1,200 on my coat, the content that Burberry makes available to me through video, high end imagery and other product information can make a big difference to my willingness to “add to cart”. If powered with personalization software, would follow my interactions with that content, and deliver only those items that are most relevant and most likely to move my sale forward.

Another London retailer,, will make product shots and color options for certain apparel and accessories that came down the London catwalk available to shoppers. Visitors to their site will use this information to order the latest looks from Topshop – a huge opportunity for Topshop to personalize and target the right information to the right customer at the right moment.

Personally, I am thrilled that retail content is exploding in this way for brands as large as Burberry or as niche oriented as RevZilla.  It’s great for customers and for retailers who get it right, it will work wonders for their conversion rates.  The next step is to combine all of that great content with a personalization system that recognizes customer intent either online or in store.  It may not be as exciting as watching London Fashion Week live, but it will make for a winning retail strategy.