DanIn this great article: Why Burberry Wants to Bring the Online Experience to Stores, and Not Vice Versa, Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer of Burberry, talks about their new flagship store and their vision of digital in-store integration.

Burberry’s flagship store incorporates many digital elements to improve the in-store experience. Great examples includes RFID tags embedded in items so that when the shopper brings them close to one of the screens in the store they can get more information about how the product was made or the product specifications. This is the kind of information that was available online in descriptions and videos, but it is great to see it in stores to help shoppers.

I also really like the idea of creating “residential seating” so shoppers can stop and use their iPads or other devices while they are shopping.  At the very end of the article, the question is asked “…what digital trends do you see impacting Burberry’s business going forward?” The Answer – “I think connect everything. There are so many different platforms, so many different forms of communication; how do we make sure they’re all coming together in some way, that they’re not all sitting alone?” I could not agree more. All and all, this is just a great example of what I hope the future of shopping is like for all of us.