Jen_burns_small_150Over the past two years, ordering lunch has (technologically) advanced quite a bit. The other day I wanted to order a salad but was tight on time for order/pickup, not to mention the time to actually enjoy it. So, I went to the website and immediately found the “place an order” button. I was able to quickly review the menu and modify my salad as I wanted it. I added a name for my lunch “creation” so I could select it again in the future with ease. I named mine “Jen’s Monday Salad” because to be honest I always end up running out for a quick salad on Mondays. Follow it up with a cross-sell-upsell apple, chip or cookie option and I was impressed.

In addition to the personalized meals, I also asked to be notified via text when the order was ready and readily entered my credit card number, created my profile and watched patiently as the “please wait” button didn’t move. Unfortunately, my order didn’t process and I had to call customer service. After she offered to process the order, I suggested to her that “payment in store” should be an option on their website. She repeated the policy of their online credit card orders and said she would pass on my suggestion.

After arriving to the bustling, iPad-prevalent lunch spot, I informed the lady of my trek for a goat cheese and berry salad. She had no record of it but offered to start my new order anyway. I noticed that instead of looking up the order for me by my profile then and there(like the lady on the phone had) she had to confirm with a manager that I had not previously spoke with them over the phone. After my order, to be courteous, I called customer service again and asked them to cancel the order as I had ordered (yet another) salad. The rep informed me the order wasn’t ever received and that I didn’t have to worry. Meanwhile, I watched a frustrated customer deal with the restaurant manager over the iPad-kiosk and wondered to myself if “tablet experience” was listed in his job description.

With the advancement of ordering, texts for availability and even personalized meal “creations,” it’s evident that online ordering – ecommerce for lunch – has come a long way. And I have to admit that with the amount of information I have already provided to this company, they have a huge opportunity to market to me through email, direct mail and mobile on an every Monday-basis.  Now if they could just get my order…