javed_IMGIt is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  If that’s true, and you want to maximize the impact of your web page recommendations, the easiest way to do that is to copy the best practices that successful retailers have learned over time. With nearly 6 years of experience and over 300 unique brands deployed, Baynote and our customers have learned a lot about the best ways to increase recommendation performance on your site. We know that recommendation users typically have higher average order values and higher conversion rates than non-users. We’ll cover the top five best practices for recommendation visibility and usage.

3. Quantity:
In most cases, the ideal number of recommendations is four. However, there are conditions where five or six can be successful. Yet, if all of the recommendations are for similar products, four recommendations are optimal. Additional recommendations can be utilized if cross-sell or accessories are included and/or the visual styling is minimal. While some accounts utilize carousel recommendations, only four or five should be visible at once. While some users may scroll through all recommendations in a carousel, the final recommendation has a disproportionate usage relative to its placement. Typically, the last recommendation is not as relevant as the first. Thus, there is a sweet spot of quality over quantity.
Best Practice 1: Placement
Best Practice 2: Consistency