We’d like to introduce our latest cartoon series (see our Intent to Buy series) by innovative funny man, Tom Fishburne. In this series, Tom highlights the Misadventures in Merchandising. When it comes to retail, merchandisers struggle with providing the “hot” products at the right time based on a shopper’s profile data.
Using profile data on your shoppers alone, can lead to embarrassing and awkward moments when personalization really misses its target as it has for our skater above.  Even when famous figure skaters practice in your town, that does not mean that all skaters are alike. Observing in session micro-behaviors and combining them with relevant profile data ensures that your retail website will provide the most relevant recommendations based on your shoppers context.  By using contextual information effectively, you won’t just skate by with your recommendations.  Make sure you hit your merchandising mark and avoid these embarrassing mishaps completely with Baynote.