We’d like to introduce our latest cartoon series (see our Intent to Buy series)  by innovative funny man, Tom Fishburne. In this series, Tom highlights the Misadventures in Merchandising. When it comes to retail, merchandisers have several important roles, from working with product teams to predicting the future; here we will humorously highlight the challenges they may encounter in today’s ecommerce space.

Retailers are constantly trying to increase acquisition and order conversion, yet with the amount of testing and re-testing to optimize results, sometimes they can lose sight of the business goals. In addition to that, with multiple groups pushing for promotions and sales, it’s easy to misunderstand which tactic drove the sale, or in this case, which tactic lost money on each product.

When personalizing shopping experiences, it’s important to observe your shoppers micro behaviors and offer the most relevant recommendations in the moment. This helps to drive bounce rates down and important metrics like average cart size and order value up. These metrics alone will produce a much more enjoyable conversation with your boss.