Earlier this year, we eagerly awaited the 2012 personalization predictions from our CTO Scott Brave. Not surprisingly, more and more brands are realizing how important this “non-feature” is to your website and overall user experience.

Simple one to one personalization isn’t producing the results retailers expected. And as Scott predicted, one to one personalization does not always reflect a buyer’s true intent. In a previous blog, I wrote about the ineffectiveness of one to one personalization, especially when the shopper is not shopping for themselves!

Touch points. No matter what you call it – cross channels, touch points or multi-channel—customers want consistency. Take me for example. I am an iPhone shopper so if your website is easy to access from a desktop, but not on my iPhone, I likely won’t use your site. It’s not because I don’t like your brand, but because I’m more likely to use another site that offers similar products but functions better with my behavior.

Not only is consistency important for the user experience,  it’s also incredibly important for your brand. So-lo-mo (social local and mobile) continue to impact a brand’s user experience. Facebook and other social channels do provide the opportunity to increase communication and love around your brand and products. Will they guarantee sales? No. Is it likely they will influence sales? Definitely.

Half way through the year, it is safe to say Scott’s predictions are right on the mark. Savvy retailers understand personalization based on intent. They know that consistent recommendations across all forms of their brand are critical. Additionally, they understand that peer influence still takes the cake. Rest assured, the year isn’t over yet and it will be interesting to see how retailers maximize these opportunities to the next level in the next 6 months.