When considering new hires, it’s important for Baynote to find the best fit for our company – culturally, experientially and technically. We are diligent in making sure the candidate has the right experience, mindset and is well positioned for success at Baynote. And as you can imagine, once we find the right person, we want to tell everyone! That said, we are delighted to introduce you to our latest Baynoter, Dermot Mee.

What is your name?

Dermot Patrick Mee

What is your current title?
Sr. Dir. Program Management

Tell us a little about your education and professional background
I am a biochemist by trade having completed my B.S and M.S in Ireland and working in the biotechnology industry for a few years. Then I began project management and completed my MBA. I have been managing software development projects and programs for about 7 years.

When you were a kid, what profession did you think you would pursue?
Farming, I grew up farming and still love the outdoors.

What is your motto or personal mantra?
Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.

What attracted you to Baynote?
Early stage company, in a great technology space where my experience and skill set can make a difference.

So far, what are your favorite things about Baynote?
A desire to get better, everyone I have worked with so far has a desire for Baynote to be a great company. With that kind of attitude and a lot of hard work we will succeed.

What are your top three favorite web sites you visit all of the time?

Pandora, WSJ, Irish Times

Do you play an instrument or have a favorite sport?
Football or soccer over here, I coach teams for two of my children U10 and U6.

If you could have lunch with a famous person (living or dead), who would it be and why?
Nelson Mandela – I was in college when he was released and I am fascinated to this day how after all those years in prison he can exude such compassion and work so tirelessly for non-violent change in South Africa.   The personal strength he displayed after his release reminds me that the human spirit is powerful and that we can overcome any obstacle if we believe in something greater than ourselves.