Today we’re excited to unveil “Metrics Therapy– Details, Dashboards and Diligence,” a new white paper by Lauren Freedman of the e-tailing group. We collaborated with the e-tailing group to better understand the current state of e-commerce analytics and identify the key metrics retailers believe will drive the industry forward.

The paper includes data from the e-tailing group’s 2012 Merchant Survey and insights from over 20 in-depth interviews with a cross-section of top retailers. It also features “A Merchant’s Metrics Playbook” – a guide to help retailers determine a forward-thinking strategy that takes into account the right metrics and methodologies for running their business.

Overall, the report revealed that while the overwhelming majority of retailers view analytics evaluation as the number one factor in customer retention and loyalty (93 percent), their use of metrics is still a big work in progress. Check out our infographic below for a snapshot of the paper’s key insights.


We view metrics as a core component of any e-commerce strategy – and tracking the metrics that matter is essential to understanding how to move the needle on profitability. Moving forward, we expect to see retailers looking for strategies and tools to help them gain holistic measurement across all customer touch points. This increased focus and capacity to measure the customer experience and personalize it across devices will be the key to the industry’s future growth.

We are hosting a free joint webinar with the e-tailing group titled, “Metrics Therapy for Merchants,” on Wednesday, April 25th. To register for the webinar, please visit:

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